Rev. Thomas Sampson

???? - 1839


Beneficiary with his wife Margaret under the will of William Feuilleteau (q.v.) as legatees, and also the beneficiary of the patronage of Feuilleteau, who appointed Rev. Thomas Sampson in his will as the next incumbent of the parish of Groton.

  1. Adm. at TRINITY, Jan. 14, 1788, as a ‘Ten-year man.’ Matric. Easter, 1799; B.D. (Stat. Eliz.) 1799; D.D. 1804. Ord. priest (Norwich) Mar. 20, 1791; C. of Old Newton, Suffolk, 1791. Sometime Minister of Denmark Hill Chapel, London. R. of Groton, Suffolk, 1806-36. F.R.S., 1811; F.S.A. Resided at Petersham, Surrey, where he took pupils for University entrance, 1807-39. J.P. and D.L. for Surrey. Died Mar. 31, 1839, at Petersham. M.I. Father of Daniel D. (1825), Henry (1808), James (1835), John (1814) and Lewis W. (1826). (Foster, Index Eccles.; Clerical Guide; Clergy List; G. Mag., 1839, II. 95; P. E. Towell.)


The will of Rev. Thomas Sampson DD of Petersham proved 27/04/1839 [PROB 11/1910/56] confirmed the testator as the same man as the Rev. Thomas Sampson of this entry by a reference to legacies from William Feuilleteau in the will.

  1., Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900

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Margaret Feuilleteau

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Legatee → Testator
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Rev. Thomas Sampson was also probably the son-in-law of William Feuilleteau. His wife Margaret, given as Margaret Feuilleteau on their marriage at St Mary Putney 24/10/1787, was reportedly the...

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Petersham, Richmond, Surrey, South-east England, England