Thomas Greg of Belfast

???? - 1796


Slave-owner on Dominica and merchant in Belfast, brother of John Greg (q.v.) and partner with Waddell Cunningham (q.v.).

  1. Will of Thomas Greg of Belfast Co. Antrim [made in 1795] proved 13/09/1796. He left £3000 each to his daughters Mary and Jane Greg, and sufficient to the husbands of three other daughters to make up to £3000 his previous provision for them under their marriage settlements. He left £500 to his son Thomas and £300 to his son Samuel. He explained that his brother John had lately died leaving his estates to Thomas and Samuel subject to the life-interest of John's widow Catherine, but that there might be doubt about the enslaved people ('slaves') and cattle under the will (half of whom might be held to belong to him - Thomas the testator - as his brother's next of kin), so he left these people (and cattle) to his two sons Thomas and Samuel for avoidance of doubt. His residuary heir was his son Cunningham Greg. In a codicil he said that his residuary estate was likely to be greater than he intended, and varied his will to leave his lands in America to his son Samuel and raise the legacies to his daughters by £800 each.


  1. PROB 11/1279/116.

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