Catherine Cussans (née Holburne)

???? - 1834


Widow and beneficiary and annuitant under the will of Thomas Cussans II of Mayfair (q.v.).

  1. Will of Catherine Cussans widow of Hill Street Berkeley Square proved 20/11/1834. The will showed her as embedded in an elite network in England (the 1st Earl of Harewood was her half-brother). Her trustees were Henry, Earl of Harewood, Rowley Lascelles, and Edwin Lascelles. She left £1000 in trust for her niece the Countess of Dorfeuille among other smaller monetary legacies. Her personalty included shares in the West India Dock Co. and in the Forth & Clyde Navigation. She ordered her personalty to be sold and the proceeds invested in consols to generate £500 p.a. for her nephew Sir Thomas William Holburne, whose collection of fine and decorative art is housed in the Holburne Museum in Bath. She left to her niece Louisa Fellowes the portraits of her father Admiral Holburne and her mother Mrs Holburne. It is not clear whether the former was the portrait of Admiral Francis Holburne by Joshua Reynolds held at Royal Museum Greenwich or the latter was the portrait attributed to the school of Reynolds in the Holburne Museum in Bath.


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Further Information

Maiden Name
Thomas Cussans II

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1796 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Annuitant

Relationships (6)

Widow → Deceased Husband
Aunt → Nephew
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Henry Lascelles was the son of Catherine Cussans half-brother Edward, the first Earl....
Aunt → Niece
Aunt → Nephew
Daughter → Mother
Half-sister → Half-brother

Addresses (1)

Hill Street, Berkeley Square, London, Middlesex, London, England