William Reader

???? - 1839


Barrister of Baughurst Hampshire who died c. 1839. Remarkably he married in succession an aunt and her niece: Elizabeth Brown Reader (d. c. 1823) and Parnel Hammond (d. c. 1834), widow of Richard Hammond of Twickenham (q.v.). The two women were respectively daughter and granddaughter and legatees of the St Kitts slave-owner Parnel Seaton (q.v.).

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(1) Elizabeth Brown Seaton (2) Parnel Hammond nee Caines

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William Reader married Richard Hammond's widow Parnel nee...
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William Reader married Elizabeth Brown Morgan, daughter of Parnel Seaton, and then in turn Parnel Seaton's grand-daughter Parnel, widow of Richard...

Addresses (1)

Baughurst, Hampshire, Wessex, England