John Brickwood the elder

???? - 1822


London North American merchant, partner in Brickwood Pattle (q.v.) and its successors, and colonial agent for Bermuda. Although the firm of John Brickwood the elder and the younger was declared bankrupt in 1810, and the will of John Brickwood made and proved in 1822 mentions his 'late unfortunate banking house', he nevertheless left his house at Croydon, shares in the Pelican Life Assurance and annuities to his wife and monetary legacies to a range of individuals largely in London, implying he had recovered from, or limited his exposure to, the bankruptcy.

  1. Will of John Brickwood of Croydon proved 11/07/1822. The will show his brother Laurence as deceased, and his nephew as John Brickwood, presumably the younger.

  2. Brickwood, Pattle was among the 'Merchants and Ship Owners interested in the affairs of Saint Domingo', signatories of an address dated 25/07/1794 to the Duke of Portland calling for increased British military intervention in St Domingue.

  3. John Brickwood was one of a group of London merchants lending £60,000 in total to Alexander Donaldson in 1803 secured on substantial 'slave-property', mostly mortgages. It is not clear whether this was John Brickwood the elder or the younger.


Lillian Penson, Colonial Agents of the British West Indies Appendix I shows him as appointed in 1784 and dying in 1829 [sic]; John Brickwood jun. was appointed as consignee under the will of Thomas Hussey (q.v.) in 1802.

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In 1822 the Pelican advertised an election for a director to replace John Brickwood...

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