George Barclay

???? - 7th Jun 1756


London West India merchant, partner in Barclay and Fuller with Thomas Fuller of London (q.v.). According to Douglas Hamilton he had spent an earlier period in Jamaica where he was joined by his brother James Barclay (q.v.).

  1. Death 07/06/1756 "At Hadley, near Barnet, Mr George Barclay, of Carnes in Scotland, a Jamaica merchant of London, in company with Mr Fuller."

  2. Will of George Barclay merchant of the City of London proved 12/06/1756. A marriage had been consummated between him and Mrs Mary Richards, and he left her an annuity of £100 p.a. He left his lands at Cairnglass and Invernorth to any children under entail, with remainder to his brother James then in Jamaica. He left £200 to his cousin Alexander Barclay son of his uncle the late Rev. Alexander Barclay. His residuary heirs were his siblings, two of his sisters being married into the Gordon family. His executors included his brother James Barclay, William and Richard Beckford, Aldermen, and his partner in trade Thomas Fuller.


Douglas Hamilton, Scotland, the Caribbean and the Atlantic world, 1750–1820

  1. Scots Magazine vol. XVIII p. 314 (June 1756).

  2. PROB 11/823/152.

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Mrs Mary Richards

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Barclay and Fuller
West India merchant  

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Testator → Executor

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Monken Hadley, Barnet, Hertfordshire, South-east England, England