Julius Samuel Rich

???? - 1823


Former Blackwell Hall factor in London, bankrupt with his partner John Heapy in 1795. Three counterclaims for estates on Nevis show Thomas Gilby as the residuary legatee of Julius Samuel Rich, and Rich as the assignee of a legacy of £1000 under the will of John Richardson Herbert. It is not clear whose legacy was assigned to Julius Samuel Rich, but it was possibly that left to Herbert's natural son John Herbert.

  1. Will of Julius Samuel Rich of Chatham Row, Bath proved 12/03/1823. The will takes the form of a long list of legatees of amounts ranging from £10 to £1500. Among them was Thomas J. Cottle of Nevis, but Rich's network was wide and apparently varied. His residuary legatee was Thomas Gilby linen draper of Oxford Street; he had left £1500 to Thomas Gilby's son, also named Thomas and probably the counterclaimant.


London Gazette 13839 3 December 1795 p. 1353.

  1. PROB 11/668/104.

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Chatham Row, Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England