Alexander Shaw of Kingston

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With Aaron Holt (q.v.), Alexander Shaw had conveyed the Lowlayton estate to Alexander Donaldson sometime before 1803. He was probably the Alexander Shaw of the Jamaica slave-factors Shaw & Inglis, reportedly dying in the early 1800s with '£50,000 worse than nothing.'


N. Radburn, 'Guinea Factors, Slave Sales and the Profits of the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in Late Eighteenth-Century Jamaica: The Case of John Tailyour' [accessed 03/11/2020] pp. 36 and 45

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Aaron Holt and Alexander Shaw had prior to 1803 conveyed to Alexander Donaldson the Lowlayton estate, the land and 'part of the slaves' of which they had previously mortgaged to John Roebuck et al. of the City of London to secure over £40,000 in bills of exchange from Alexander Shaw drawn on Phyn Inglis of London.

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