Lucretia Payne formerly Ottley

???? - 1794


  1. Will of Lucretia Payne widow of Melton Suffolk [but late of the Island of St Christopher] [made in 1789] proved 24/03/1794. She opened her will by saying that her son-in-law Sir John Blois and Dame Lucretia Blois had recently leased an estate to which Lucretia Blois and her issue were entitled to Clement Caines for 14 years from 1786 for £700 p.a., and that to secure possession to Clement Caines, her daugher and son-in-law had agreed to enter into bond with Clement Caines, and she [Lucretia Payne] had undertaken to deposit £3000 in the hands of William Manning of St Mary Axe and Samuel Span of Bristol, to indemnify Caines against any damage from Lucretia Blois not being able to let out or lease the estate after the end of her natural life, and she left two bonds, one from Sir John Blois for £1100 and one from her deceased son James Parsons Ottley for £2000, to fund the security she had pledged. She left the rest of her property in trust (her trustees were William Manning the younger of Billiter Square and Benjamin Vaughan of Jeffries Square London merchants) to pay monetary legacies totalling £265 to several individuals in St Kitts and England, with the remainder to her daughter for life.


  1. PROB 11/1243/175.

Further Information

(1) Thomas Ottley (2) Payne
Wit (1) Lucretia, James Parsons.

Relationships (4)

Mother-in-law → Son-in-law
Testator → Trustee
Testator → Trustee
Mother → Daughter

Addresses (1)

Melton, Suffolk, East Anglia, England