Pancefort Miller merchant of Kingston

???? - 1727


London and Jamaica merchant, dying c. 1727 (his wife Jane was shown as 'widow' in the burial record for her son also Pancefort in 1727).

  1. Will of Pancefort Miller merchant of [City of London but at present residing at] Kingston [made in 1726] proved 14/02/1729. He left his wife Jane £5000 in lieu of dower, and left to his son also named Pancefort the moiety in an estate 'at Morant' that had been left to his [the testator's] wife by Mrs Priscilla Stanton (q.v.) with contingent remainder to her [Jane Miller's] mother Mrs Frances Mitchell (who had conveyed her interest in the remainder in fee to Pancefort Miller in 1724). He [Pancefort Miller the testator] left the contingent remainder of the estate to Frances Mitchell for life, then to his brother-in-law Thomas Mitchell and then to his own brother Rev. George Miller of Box, Wiltshire.

  2. The firm of Mitchell, Bassnett and Miller was the Jamaican connection and apparently slave factor for Humphry Morice, the major London slave-trader.

Sources, London, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 for Pancefort Miller City of London St Andrew Undershaft 1692-1770 [database online].

  1. PROB 11/628/92.

  2. M.D. Mitchell, The Prince of Slavers (2020) pp. 113, 123, 233, 235, 236, 246, which shows Mitchell, Bassnett and Miller taking delivery of 550 enslaved Africans in 1711 (p. 235) and as the 'consignees' of 511 enslaved Africans in 1720 (p. 123).

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Jane Mitchell
Pancefort (d. 1727)

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- 1727 [EY] → Joint owner

This is a highly tentative connection. Pancefort Miller left one moiety of an estate 'at Morant' in his will proved in 1727 to his son (also Pancefort) who himself died an infant in 1727. The contingent remainder went first to Pancefort Miller's mother-in-law Mrs Frances Mitchell of Wimbledon, whose own will (again proved 1727) is silent on Jamaica property but did specify Col. Richard Thompson to be one of her pallbearers. Richard Thompson was later co-owner of the Morant estate.

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Mitchell, Basnett & Miller
West India merchant  

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Pancefort Miller benefited from the will of Priscilla Stanton, under which his wife Jane inherited a moiety of an estate 'at...