Hon. George Bennet

???? - 1793


Younger son of the 2nd Earl of Tankerville, and very probably the Hon. George Bennett [sic] who was an annuitant for £300 p.a. on the Jamaica property of Anthony Langley Swymmer (q.v.) according to the will of the latter proved in 1760. Hon. George Bennet died in 1793 at his house in Quebec Street in London. No will has been found for him to date.


Gentleman's Magazine (May 1793) p. 481, where he was given a the uncle of the present Earl of Tankerville. Several secondary sources give his death-dae as 1799.

NB There is some risk of potential confusion with George Bennett of Jamaica (d. 1748) or his son George Rosewell Bennett.

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In the will of Anthony Langley Swymmer proved in 1760 he described an annuity of £300 p.a. to Hon. George Bennett [sic] secured on Swymmer's Jamaica...