William Bolt of St Ann Jamaica

???? - 1806


Merchant, partner in Bolt & Higgin of London with John Higgin, but apparently resident in St Ann Jamaica from at least 1788 to his death c. 1806.

  1. Will of William Bolt merchant of St Ann Jamaica proved 11/07/1806. The will has not been fully analysed by LBS, but details a number of legacies and relationships in Jamaica. He manumitted six named enslaved people: a 'quadroon or tertroon [sic] girl name Eliza O'Brien daughter of a free mulatto woman named Elizabeth Tracey'; a 'quadroon woman named Mary Morson purchased by me of Thomas Dunn'; a 'mulatto man' named Samuel Cohen 'purchased by me of Michael Cohen'; my 'negro man' named Prince of the papa [sic] country purchased from Elizabeth Collow [Tallow?]; a 'negro man' named Jack formerly belonging to Thomas Stoater; and a 'negro man' named Billy formerly belonging to John Bainbridge. He left Mary Willis Cross a free woman of colour then living with him an annuity of £100 p.a., and land he had purchased in St Ann for life, with remainder to William Bolt Townsend, to who he also left £400 p.a. until 21, and then £800 p.a at 21 until 24 when he was to receive £8000. He left George Porter Townsend an annuity of £100 p.a and £1000 at 21. John Higgin was one of his executors and was his residuary legatee.


  1. PROB 11/1446/99.

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Bolt & Higgin appear to have been London consignees

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