Sir Hanson Berney 6th bart.

???? - 1778


Slave-owner on Barbados. Sir Hanson Berney appears in the evidence of Rev. Robert Boucher Nickolls to the 1789-90 Committee on the Slave Trade, in which Nickolls said that Berney's estate on Barbados was managed by 'his brother': this must refer to Nickolls' brother. The estate has been inferred by LBS to have been Hansons or Upper Berney, which had belonged to Samuel Hanson, the grandfather of Sir Hanson Berney's mother Elizabeth Folkes, who married Sir Thomas Berney 5th bart.


Abridgement of the Minutes of the Evidence: Taken Before a Committee...on the Slave Trade Vol. III (1790) pp. 129 et seq.

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