Reynold Hooper

???? - 1749


Of Barbados. He married as her first husband Harbin Salmon (later Estwicke; later Hooper): their children included Margaret Salter (later Dehany) and Philippa Eliot (later Holder) (q.v.). His will did not detail any 'slave-property' but online sources unverified by LBS associate his father Daniel and his widow Harbin with Fisher Pond.

  1. Will of Reynold Hooper of St Thomas Barbados [but at present at Gosport, Hampshire] [made in 1748] proved 12/10/1749. He left £5000 currency to his son Reynold Salter Salmon Hooper; £1500 currency to his daughter Margaret Salter Hooper; and £1500 sterling to his daughter Philippa Eliot Hooper. His residuary legatee was his wife Harbin.


  1. PROB 11/774/110.

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Harbin Salmon
Reynold Salter Salmon; Margaret Salter; Philippa Eliot

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Father → Daughter
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Also uncle and nephew. William Thorpe Holder married his cousin Philippa Elliot Hooper, daughter of Reynold and Harbin...