Mary Ricketts (née Walton)

1675 - 1742


Born c. 1675, daugher of Thomas Walton of Staten Island, New York (who had married a Miss Lawrence in 1671). Married William Ricketts of Ridgeland (q.v.), who died in 1735. Inherited £5,000 New York currency and two enslaved people in the will of her husband.


John Edwin Sitwell, The history of Captain Richard Stillwell, son of Lieutenant Nicholas Stillwell, and his descendants (1930) pp. 232-236.

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Further Information

Maiden Name
William Ricketts
Mary Walton, William, Elizabeth, Violetta


Mary Rickets of the City of New York, widow.

To my daughter Violetta, wife of Edward hicks, merchant, £65 New York currency to buy her a negro slave.

To my youngest daughter Elizabeth Ricketts, my negro slave called Maria or Cuba and her negro child which I have also heretofore already given her.

To my daughter Elizabeth, all my wearing apparel, both linen and woollen, and my shoe buckles and side buckle. Also to her so much and such a quanitity of place as will be equal in value to what I have already given her sister Cortlandt, and as much furniture as will be equal in value to what her said sister has had from me. These to be given to her at full age or marriage.

To my daughter Mary Cortlandt, my moiety share in the dwelling house and lot of ground in which we now live and also one other lot of ground adjoining thereto and which I lately purchased from Cornelius Vandewater.

To my two nephews Abraham and Mathew Walton of Duck Creek, £25 each.

To Richard Walton of Staten Island, £25.

To each of my kinsmen Jacob and William Walton of New York City, merchants, a mourning ring.

To William Walton, son of Thomas Walton, a mourning ring and a suit of mourning apparell.

To George Homer when he shall have learnt a trade, £5 to assist him in setting him forward therein.

To my godson William Walton, merchant, a silver bowl of six pounds value.

To my godson Jacob Walton, son of Jacob Walton, one other silver bowl of the like value. The same to other godchildren: Anne Way, daughter of Mrs Taylor; Gordon Cortlandt (son of Stephen Cortandt and also my grandson).

Of my residuary estate: one-third to the children of my daughter Violetta Hicks; one-third to the children of my daughter Mary Cortlandt; one-third to my daughter Elizabeth at age 21 years or marriage.

Should my son William die under age without lawful issue and the plantation in the West Indies should at the time of his death by in such a flourishing condition as at the present time, then the one-third of my residuary estate that to the children of my daughter Mary Cortlandt, one-third to the children of my daughter Violetta Hicks and the other third to my daughter Elizabeth.

My brother William Walton of New York City to be guardian of my daughter Elizabeth during her minority. In case of his death, then my nephew William Walton junior to be guardian.

My sons-in-law Edward Hicks and Stephen Cortlandt of New York City, merchants, to be executors.

Signed 16/05/1740.

Codicil 20/12/1742. My daughter Violetta Hicks to receive the full interest for life of the one-third of my estate bequeathed to her children. The same for my daughter Mary Cortlandt for the one-third bequeathed to her children.

Probate granted 1742.

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