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The will of Samuel Reynolds gentleman [late of Wellingborough Northants now of Drax Hall in the parish] of St Ann's Jamaica was proved 20/09/1737. He left £300 to his son Charles Reynolds on condition that Charles Reynolds renounced all right and title to all and every part the real and personal estate of Colonel Drax 'now belonging to me.' He placed his estates in trust for his daughters Martha and Susanna. According to genealogical sources online, Martha Reynolds later married William Barnett I (q.v.), into whose family Drax Hall passed.


PROB 11/685/129.

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1734 [EA] - → Owner

Samuel Reynolds of Drax Hall in his will made in 1734 and proved in 1737 laid claim to ownership of all the personal and real estate of Colonel Drax. His ownership or management appears to have been contested in E 134/5Geo2/Trin10
William Prestley, Esq., and his wife Meliora, William Smith, Esq., and Dorothy his wife. v. Roger Tublay, Samuel Reynolds, and others.: Value, management, care, and disposition, &c., of the real estate of Charles Drax, Esq., deceased, in the Island of Jamaica. Mortgage, &c., &c. [The names of Saml. Wells Reynolds (defendant's son), Dr. Price, and Peter Beckford, are mentioned.] [See also 6 Geo. 2., Hil., No.7.]: London; Jamaica; (W. Indies). Date: 5 Geo 2.

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Father-in-law → Son-in-law
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William Barnett's wife was Martha Reynolds, daughter and co-heir of Samuel...