Philippa Bourdieu otherwise Philippa Berney Bourdieu

???? - 1828


Daughter and beneficiary under the will of James Bourdieu (q.v), with investments in the family firm and in unspecified property on Dominica. In her will made 01/08/1828 and proved 22/02/1831, she left all her property to her niece Emily Bourdieu, other than £50 to each of her brothers James and William for mourning, £25 to her nephew John Henry Bourdieu and £100 to William as a token of her gratitude to him. These latter legacies were, she said, to be paid out of the interest on the £2000 she had in the house of business on Lime Street, on which she had received no interest since 1824. The £200 per annum that she received from the £4000 'I have at Dominica' was to be for Emily's sole advantage. She was buried 05/12/1828 at St George's Hanover Square.


PROB 11/1781/132.

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Sister → Brother
Daughter → Father

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Hill Street, London, Middlesex, London, England