George James Cholmondeley 1st Marquess of Cholmondeley

1749 - 1827


In 1808, 'Mr Davidson' (q.v., under Henry Davidson senior) was reported to have discharged the mortgage of £10,000 on the estates of William Philip Perrin (q.v.) 'due to Lord Cholmondeley.' The estates are not specified but the context suggests that these were possibly Perrin's Jamaica estates [together with the enslaved people attached to them]. This is the only reference found to date by LBS to Cholmondeley as a creditor of Perrin or potentially of 'slave-property.'


Derbyshire Records Office, D239 Fitzherbert of Tissington M/E 12584-12607 Correspondence to and from Lord St. Helens as a trustee of William Philip Perrin: 'L[ord] Pepys to Lord St. Helens: has prevailed upon Mr. Davidson to discharge the mortgage of £10,000 on Mr. Perrin's estates due to Lord Cholmondeley; he will have enough in hand, especially with the price of sugar at 111s. per cwt, or more than £40 a hogstead nett; the trustees have sold 40 hogsteads at this rate, and have another 119 to sell; "our total importation of this year was 663 hogsteads, being to be sure considerably short of the usual average"; comments on Kent and Surrey affairs. 25 December 1813 (D239 M/E 12595).' [ [accessed 21/09/2023].

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Lady Georgiana Charlotte Bertie

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Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire, Northwest England, England
Houghton Hall, Norfolk, East Anglia, England