Owen Pell

1787 - 31st Mar 1867

Claimant or beneficiary


Apparently a genuinely transatlantic man, with public roles both in Antigua and Britain, awarded compensation for Mayers estate in Antigua and also for a number of small claims in Antigua, possibly as a result of his buying up claims from other people but possibly also as a trusted intermediary in London. Presumably the brother of Admiral Sir Watkin Owen Pell (born at Overstone 1788, d. 1869).

  1. In 1851 Owen Pell aged 63, born North[amptonshire] Overstone, Magistrate County Warwickshire was living at Radford Semele with his wife Elizabeth Mary aged 41 born Antigua; this Owen Pell was one of three nominees for Sheriff in 1855 and filled the office in 1858. In 1857 an appointment was made to replace Owen Pell as Member of the Council for Antigua during Pell's temporary absence from the island.  Elizabeth Mary was the daughter of the Hon. Samuel Otto Baijer; they married in Antigua on July 23 1839.      

  2. Owen Pell gave evidence on 30/06/1840 in London to the 1840 Select Committee on East India Produce, when he said he had been connected with Antigua for 25 years, more or less, and that he was extensively concerned as a proprietor. 'I was there at the time the emancipation took place'. Of Barbados, apparently it is Pell (he is asked questions with Dr Nugent, and it is not clear at this point which of the two is speaking) who says 'I lived there during the war; it is many years since I lived in Barbados', although he had visited in both the two years prior to 1840.

  3. Originally went out to Antigua in 1813 to superintend the contracts for victualling the navy and transports on the station. After the war bought Mayer's plantation in 1819, which had 80 slaves. He had owned six estates: Mayer’s, Room’s, Sion Hill, Grant’s, Pare’s, and Cochrane’s; the last two belonged to his wife. He sold the whole lot for £50,600; this sum presumably included the £12,250 for which he sold Mayer’s estate in 1842 (an estate Pell managed himself for about 20 years). In 1842 he only received about £15,000 of the £56,600 due to him. Asked whether he expected to have the estates returned to him he said ‘I should hope not’.

  4. Death of Owen Pell aged 80 registered Q2 1867. Will of Owen Pell late of Quarry Field, parish of Leamington Priors Warwickshire who died at Quarry Field 31/03/1867 proved at Birmingham 03/06/1867 by Elizabeth Mary Pell, the relict and sole executrix, effects under £50,000.  Elizabeth Pell aged 61 was living at Quarry Field Leamington Priors aged 61 'annuitant' in 1871. On Elizabeth Mary Pell's death on 28/10/1887 (aged 78), her effects were valued at £131,755 9s 9d. Presumably the 'Mrs Pell' who sought to intervene as Mary Prince left the Woods family in London was either a first wife or conceivably the mother of Owen Pell.


T71/877 Antigua claim nos. 59 (Mayers), 173, 222, 274, 417, 488, 515, 546, 586, 595, 598, 679, 712, 716, 751, 817 and 1022.

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Further Information

Elizabeth Mary Baijer
Wealth at death

Associated Claims (17)

£25 15s 7d
£13 0s 2d
£13 0s 2d
£52 12s 9d
£37 12s 3d
£45 11s 10d
£26 14s 11d
£51 16s 0d
£47 0s 2d
£1,648 16s 8d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£33 4s 2d
£26 0s 5d
£52 0s 10d
£13 0s 2d
£41 8s 6d
£28 8s 4d
£60 16s 5d

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1821 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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East India Company
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Owen Pell gave evidence on 30/06/1840 in London to the 1840 Select Committee on East India Produce although his role seems to have been primarily connected with...

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This was a posthumous relationship. Owen Pell married Elizabeth Mary Baijer in 1839, four years after Samuel Otto Baijer's death....

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26 Fitzroy Square, London, Middlesex, London, England