Charles Newman

1781 - 1848

Claimant or beneficiary


Resident in Jamaica, son of Robert Newman of Corsham, Wiltshire, awarded compensation for Melksham and Corsham estates in Jamaica as executor of his brother Richard Newman and for Chippenham, Hartham and Success estates in his own name.

  1. "Died at Corsham [Wiltshire], aged 85, Mr Robert Newman, father of the late Mr Richard Newman, who died on his passage from Jamaica, and also of Messrs. Charles and Wm. Newman, now planters in that island." Marriage of Robert Newman and Ann Hulbert, 21/10/1760 in Corsham, England. Christenings of children of Robert Newman and Ann in Corsham: Richard (1765), Robert (1770), Ann (1773), James (1776), William (1779), Charles (1781), Mary (1783) and Maria (1786).

  2. Charles Newman married Eliza Smith Handy in Corsham, Wiltshire, England, 30/10/1823. They had 5 children christened in Jamaica: Horatio (1825), Emeline (1828), Charles Handy (1830), Eliza (1832) and Alfred (1834). At the christenings of Emeline, Charles Handy and Alfred, he is a planter living at Hartham estate; at the christening of Eliza he is a planter of Chippenham estate.

  3. Will of Charles Newman of Middlesex, Island of Jamaica, proved 29/02/1848. In the will he left his estate between his eight children; he also left £100 to Ann Hardy, his reputed daughter. His present wife Mary waived her right to £500 under their marriage settlement: in exchange she was allowed to remain on the Hartham estate. Newman identified his other estates as Abingdon and 'part of Blenheim.'

  4. Some confusion potentially exists etween this Charles Newman and another Charles Newman who married Anne and had 7 children baptised in Jamaica: Charles Stephen (1831), Henrietta Maria (1834), Ellen Eliza (1838), Robert (1842), Richard (1842), Jane Emiline (1846) and Charles James (1850). The second Charles Newman was described as a planter of Chippenham estate in 1834, of Chippenham estate in 1831, of Pan's Lodge in 1846 and as a carpenter of Providence estate in 1850. This may be Charles Newman the son of Richard Newman (q.v.) and a free quadroon, Deborah Alexander, who was born in 1807 and christened in 1814 in Jamaica, and might be the man appearing as Charles Newman junior (q.v.).


T71/870 St Elizabeth claim nos. 19 (Melksham and Corsham), 20 and 966 (Success); Manchester claim nos. 83 (Hartham) and 178 (Chippenham).

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Further Information

Eliza Smith Handy
Horatio (1825-), Emeline (1828-), Charles Handy (1830-), Eliza (1832-), Alfred (1834-)

Associated Claims (5)

£1,400 18s 2d
£1,169 0s 2d
£3,051 4s 10d
£177 19s 6d
£1,774 14s 7d
Awardee (Trustee)

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1815 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Joint owner
1839 [EA] - → Not known
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Corsham, Wiltshire, South-west England, England