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  1. Ann Williams purchased an enslaved person, Sophia alias Margaret Dalmahoy, and her three children at a Marshall's Sale in Jamaica between 1826 and 1829. Sophia had another child, James Reid, around 1831, and around 1830 Sophia's daughter Fanny alias Eliza Dalmahoy had a child of her own named George R. Williams. Ann Williams signed the slave registers by mark.

  2. Ann Williams may be the "mulatto" free person of colour who had eight children with George Huie (q.v.) and who, along with her children, was one of his residuary legatees. All eight of the children of this Ann Williams and George Huie are in the LBS database.


  1. Slave registers: for 1829, T71/240 (unpaginated); for 1832, T71/242 p. 359.

  2. See separate entry for George Huie.

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