Samuel Maxwell Hinds

12th May 1795 - 19th May 1847

Claimant or beneficiary


Given as Samuel M. Hinds in the compensation records, and almost certainly Samuel Maxwell Hinds, son of Benjamin Hinds and Ann Maxwell; if so, brother of Thomas Maxwell Hinds (q.v.) and cousin of Philip Lytcott Hinds (also q.v.). Awarded the compensation for the Gibbes estate, which had belonged to Samuel Hinds the Elder of St Peter (d. c. 1808) (q.v).

  1. 'Samuel Hinds' died at Bath in 1847. That this was Samuel Maxwell Hinds is supported by (1) the existence in Bath Abbey of a tomb with a memorial to Samuel Maxwell Hinds describing him as Speaker of the House of Assembly; (2) a Gentleman's Magazine entry showing the death at Bath 19/05/1847 of Sam. Maxwell Hinds aged 52, for several years Speaker of the House of Assembly; (3) a memorial window in All Saints Chapel St Peters Barbados to Samuel Maxwell Hinds sometime Speaker of the House of Assembly in this island, erected by his widow.

  2. Will of 'The Hon. Samuel Hinds of St Peter Island of Barbados' [made in Barbados in 1839 with a codicil made in 1844 in Bath] was proved 08/11/1847. Under the will he left an annuity of £200 p.a. to his mother Anne and monetary legacies to nieces and nephews including Samuel Hinds. He left the money from the future sale of a piece of land called Kingsbury on Barbados to which he was entitled on the death of his mother to his sisters Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Lyder Briggs and Emily, the wife of William Prescod Hinds. He had he said placed his Gibbes estate in trust in 1820 on his marriage (the trustees were William Prescod Hinds and 'Samuel Hinds the younger, since deceased'), and he reconstructed the trust under the will to sell the estate to raise £10,000 for his wife Louise Victorine Hinds. In a codicil of 1844 made at Bath, he recorded the fact that his uncle William Hinds had left him an estate called Collyns, which he ordered his trustees to sell.

  3. There is potentially confusion in the sources over the identity here. Brandow introduces an element of doubt because a footnote in 'Williams of Welchman's Hall' shows the Hon Saml Hinds jr who was the Speaker of the House of Assembly as 'son of Abel Hinds?' This latter may simply be erroneous, however: the question-mark in the entry suggests some doubt on the part of the author, and the evidence elsewhere for Samuel Maxwell Hinds as both Speaker and the son of Benjamin Hinds and Anna Maxwell appears overwhelming.

  4. The will of Louise Victorine Sainte Rose Hinds, otherwise Rose Hinds, late of 7 Raby Place Bath was proved 11/06/1878, personal estate under £16,000. Her burial records at St Peter and St Paul Bath shows her as Louise Victorine Rose Maxwell Hinds.

  5. According to the Charterhouse Register this was Samuel, son of Benjamin Hinds of Barbados. He was a Member of the House of Assembly, Barbados 1823-39; Speaker 1836-9. Settled in England 1839. Called himself Samuel Maxwell Hinds to distinguish himself from others of the name. Havelock, a close friend, calls him 'A man of taste and a poet'. In 1820 married Louise Victorine Sainte Rose Durand. Hinds died in Bath 19 May 1847.


  1. The death of 'Samuel Hinds' was registered at Bath Q2 1847,, England and Wales FreeBMD Death Index, 1837-1915 [database online]; English Heritage, The National Heritage List for England 'Abbey Cemetery Hinds Tomb', List entry number 1396331; The monumental inscriptions in the churches and churchyards of the island of Barbados, British West Indies p. 155 item no. 1069 (which gives the reference to the Gentleman's Magazine 108).

  2. PROB 11/2064/385.

  3. Brandow, Genealogies p. 613. Combining Brandow Genealogies p. 613, the evidence of wills for Samuel Hinds of London (proved 1827) and Samuel M. Hinds of Bath (proved 1847) and the Slave Register entries, we have identified four Samuel Hinds: (1) Samuel Hinds the Elder of St Peter (d. c. 1808); (2) his son Hon. Samuel Hinds MD (d. c. 1824), brother of William Hinds, Benjamin and Abel Hinds, and father of (3) Samuel Hinds 'of London' (d. c. 1826), brother of Philip Lytcott Hinds and William Prescod Hinds; and (4) Samuel M. Hinds, also given as Samuel Hinds jr, the son of Benjamin Hinds (Brandow suggests son of Abel). The awardee of two small claims and the attorney in 1829 for the Howell family [BA 12175 and BA 12177] Barbados might be a fifth Samuel Hinds or the same man as Samuel M. Hinds.

  4. National Probate Calendar 1878;, Somerset, England, Church of England Burials, 1813-1914 [database online].

  5. R. L. Arrowsmith (comp.), Charterhouse Register 1769 -1872 (London & Chichester, Phillimore, 1974). Thanks to Catherine Smith, Charterhouse Archivist, for this reference.

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Louise Victorine Sainte Rose Durand
Charterhouse [1803-1812 ]

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£2,914 17s 2d
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1842 [EA] - 1847 [LA] → Owner

In his will proved 1847 Samuel M. Hinds recorded the legacy of the Collyns estate to him by his uncle William Hinds. He ordered his trustees to sell the estate for the benefit of his wife.

1820 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

Known from his will to have been placed in trust by Samuel M. Hinds in 1820 on his marriage.

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7 Raby Place, Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England