Robert Riddock

1806 - ????

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  1. A baptism record in Westmoreland, 28/08/1825, shows a Robert Riddock aged 19 and a James Riddock aged 16, “free persons of colour”. Thus presumed born 1806 and 1809 respectively, this is likely the baptism of two of the sons of James Riddoch and the Miss Jane Porter, who appears on the same record as owner of enslaved people baptized that day. A third son, John, is not listed on the record and might have been dead by 1825. Charles Potts, aged 4 years and Elizabeth Wedderburn Potts, age 11 months, the children of Miss Jane Porter, "free person of colour" were baptised that same day.

  2. Robert Riddock married Jane Gascoigne on 18/02/1836. Jane was the granddaughter of Robert Porter of Sorn Hill, Westmoreland, and Frances Porter. Robert and Jane had five children, the first, Ann Cecelia, born April 1836 and baptised 19/10/1836 “near Glenislay”. The others, Alicia, Colin, Elizabeth, and Mary Jane, were all born at Grange, the property of Elizabeth Riddock (1798-1832), mixed-race daughter of John Riddoch ( -1801) of Scotland and Strawberry Hill, Westmoreland, Jamaica.

  3. Robert’s father, James Riddoch, was the owner of Glen Islay estate, Westmoreland, Jamaica from at least 1809 to 1811. In his will, proved 25/04/1812, he named his three “brown children”, Robert, James, and John, to whom he bequeathed 4 enslaved people and a cow each. James appointed “Miss Jane Porter” to be guardian of his children until they reached age 15 years. When their father died in 1812, Robert and James would have been ages 6 and 3 respectfully, based on the 1825 baptism record. James Riddoch of Glen Islay was likely the brother of John Riddoch of Strawberry Hill, Westmoreland, Jamaica.

  4. To Jane Porter, James Riddoch left 70 acres of land and a house at Glen Islay to be moved to that land. According to Riddoch/Ruddock family lore, the 70 acres is presumed to be that given to James Riddoch in the early 1800s by the then owner of the Fort William estate, Westmoreland, for services rendered. Based on the will, it is assumed the Glen Islay property itself, which James Riddoch owned from at least 1809 to 1811, went to his residuary legatee, James Watson.

  5. A “Jane Porter and family” is listed at Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland with 12 enslaved people in the 1817 Jamaica Almanac and 11 enslaved people in 1818. Robert Riddock and his brother appear in the1826 Almanac with 4 enslaved people each, while Jane has 3 enslaved people. The listing does not include where in Westmoreland they were residing at that time. In the 1845 Jamaica Almanac, Robert is listed at Retreat, Westmoreland with 20 acres of land, while James Riddock is at Stirling Castle with 18 acres.


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We are grateful to Vilma Ruddock for compiling this entry.

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