Frederick Burt Zincke

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Slave-owner in Jamaica, almost certainly the son-in-law of Mary Lawrence whom he succeed as owner of Eardley.

  1. Zincke's son Foster Barham Zincke has an entry in the ODNB as 'author' which among other things says 'He passed most of his childhood on the [Eardley] sugar estate, living a free outdoor life....With his once wealthy family in financial difficulty after the emancipation of the slaves, his godmothers paid for him to attend [Oxford] university and he afterwards had to support himself.' His mother was a Miss Lawrence. He became a clergyman and left £50,000. Foster Barham Zincke married Caroline Octavia, Lady Stevenson, daughter of Joseph Seymour Biscoe (q.v.) and widow of Zincke's cousin, Sir William Stevenson, in 1865. Foster Barham Zinkce was the executor of Isabella Reid Thomson (q.v.).

  2. The marriage to Miss Lawrence was not his first: Mrs Zincke, wife of F B Zincke, was reported to have died at Black River in 1806. Mrs Margaretta Zinck was buried at the Bogue estate, 22/03/1806.

  3. Amelia Lawrence (Mrs Zincke) is said to have been (a) baptised as Emily, 13/05/1787, and (b) a descendant of Henry Lawrence, President of Cromwell’s Council. Dr F. B. Zincke of the parish of St.Elizabeth and Amelia Lawrence of the parish of Hanover were married at Hanover ... March 1811.

  4. Dr Zincke was attorney for William Beckford at Bodle’s Pen, St.Dorothy, 1812-15.

  5. He was Lieut., St.Elizabeth Regt., 1808; Deputy Judge Advocate General, Cornwall County, 1817.

  6. On 23/05/1832 he wrote to Lord Belmont urging the importance of Chinese labourers in demonstrating, in post-emancipation Jamaica, that labouring work and freedom were not incompatible.

  7. In 1837 he was advocating the use of fibre from pineapple leaf in textile production and suggesting it could increase the value of West Indian property.

  8. Foster Barham, son of Dr Zink by his wife Emily was baptised at Endeavour, 11/03/1820. Forster Barham Zincke was recorded as his third son when matriculating at Oxford 05/03/1835, aged 18.

  9. William Lawrence, son of Frederick B. Zinck and his wife Emily, was baptised 2/4/1819.


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Further Information

[1] name unknown [2] Amelia or Emily Lawrence
Foster Barham, William Lawrence

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£2,200 12s 9d

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1829 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Receiver
1825 [EA] - → Owner
1817 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Receiver

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Australia: Victoria 
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William Lawrence Zincke, son of Frederick Burt Zincke, was a pioneering solicitor in Victoria, represented member of the Kelly gang and was elected to the Victoria parliament, sitting for Ovens...
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Frederick Burt Zincke's wife was Mary Lawrence's daughter, Emily/Amelia...
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James Lawrence's daughter Emily/Amelia Lawrence married Frederick Burt Zincke in...
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Zincke's son married Biscoe's...