Edward Protheroe junior

1798 - 1852


Edward Protheroe junior was an abolitionist MP and son of Edward Protheroe senior (q.v.). Edward Protheroe junior collected the award at the National Debt Office for 72 slaves on Endeavour in Trinidad made to ‘Edward Protheroe of Hampshire’ as owner-in-fee, but it is unlikely that this was in fact Edward Protheroe junior’s own award. No Edward Protheroe of Hampshire has yet been traced: in 1831 Edward Protheroe junior was described as ‘of Great Gaddesden, county Herts’, and in 1837 and 1841 as ‘of Forest of Dean County Gloucs.’ Edward Protheroe, his father, (Edward Protheroe senior, q.v.), was described in St Vincent no. 505 as of Hill House, Newnham, Gloucs. It appears, however, that the awardee for Endeavour was Edward Protheroe senior.

  1. Edward Protheroe junior, MP, who added Davis to his name in adherence to the will of Dame Mary Hill of Turnwood, otherwise Turnworth, Dorset, wife of Sir Dudley St Leger Hill and formerly wife of Mark Davis of Turnworth, deceased.  

  2. Will of Edward Davis Protheroe of 8 Eccleston Square proved 14/09/1852. Under a codicil to the will he left an annuity of £400 p.a. to his servant Thomas Stephenson, made other monetary legacies and left his estate to his mother and father.


For an account of Protheroe junior's campaign in the 'slavery election' of 1830 see Madge Dresser, Slavery Obscured (2001) pp. 206-215; https://www.historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/1820-1832/member/protheroe-edward-1798-1852

  1. London Gazette, Issue 20436. 28/01/1845. p. 248.

  2. PROB 11/2159/153.

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£3,590 13s 10d
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Political (1)

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Evesham Worcestershire
1826 - 1830
election →
Bristol Somerset
1831 - 1832
election →
Halifax Yorkshire, West Riding
1837 - 1847

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Son → Father
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Probably father/son though see biographical notes on...

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8 Eccleston Square, London, Middlesex, London, England