Sir William Abdy 7th Bart.

1779 - 15th Apr 1868

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of Sir William Abdy 6th bart. (c. 1735-21 July 1803, who left £20,000 in personalty) and Mary (d. 1829), daughter of James Brebner Gordon of Moore Place, Hertfordshire.

Will proved in 1868 leaving effects under £1,000,000, described as a landowner in Essex and Surrey and apparently an urban property owner in London. Abdy left £80,000 to Jane Goodburn and her three children 'of whom he was probably the father' (Edward Waterford, Old and New London Vol. 6 p. 1878 pp. 100-117). 'He left his landed property to Rev. Thomas Abdy Rutherford, later Rutherford-Abdy, who was the grandfather of Sir William Abdy 1st bart., of the new creation (1810-1877), MP.' [Rubinstein MS 1868/1]. This last information is questionable.  Thomas Abdy Rutherford d. 1798: his grandson was Sir Thomas Neville Abdy (1810-1877), whose son in turn was Sir William Neville Abdy 2nd bart. (1844-1910): it was Sir Thomas Neville Abdy who inherited the London property.

Married Lady Anne Wellesley 03/07/1806 and divorced her in 1816 in a celebrated case involving her lover Lord William Charles Augustus Cavendish Bentinck.


T71/877 Antigua claim nos. 259 (Lavingtons) and 342 (Sandersons); T71/892 St Vincent claim no. 549 (Fair (sp?) Hall).

William D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? 1860- (Volumes 3 and 4, manuscripts in preparation), reference 1868/1.

The National Register of Archives, Abdy family, baronets of Albyns. GB/NNAF/F85503 (former ISAAR ref: GB/NNAF/F3094). [accessed 30/10/2010].

R. G. Thorne (ed.), The House of Commons, 1790-1820 (5 vols., London, Secker & Warburg for the History of Parliament Trust, 1986), vol. 3.

Further Information

Lady Anne Wellesley

Will with 5 codicils proved 21 May 1868. Effects under £1,000,000. Witnesses: Sir Thomas Neville Abdy, Albins Park, Essex and 68 Inverness Terrace [Bayswater], Middlesex [London] and Edward Marjoribanks, 59 The Strand, London.

Source: National Probate Calendar.

Eton [1791-1793 ]
Christ Church, Oxford [1796 ]

Associated Claims (3)

£2,289 14s 8d
All 4 counterclaimants were described as owners-in-fee.
£4,677 11s 11d
All 4 counterclaimants were described as owners-in-fee.
£6,438 13s 7d
All 4 counterclaimants were described as owners-in-fee.

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Malmesbury Wiltshire
1817 - 1818

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Hill Street, Berkeley Square, London, Middlesex, London, England