Henry Moss of Liverpool

17th May 1790 - 8th Mar 1848

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of Thomas Moss, brother of John Moss (q.v.) and partner in Moss & Co. (q.v., under Moss, Dales and Rogers).

  1. Graham Trust makes a compelling case that this Henry Moss is not the Henry Moss of The Bahamas atrocity case of 'The cruelties of Henry and Helen Moss'.

  2. He joined the banking firm of Moss, Dale, Rogers & Moss in September 1811. With his brothers John and James (20/03/1783-24/09/1847), he inherited Anna Regina from his uncle James, who was in the process of moving 1000 slaves from his plantation on Crooked Island in the Bahamas when he died in October 1820. John and Henry Moss bought Anna Regina for £10,000 (and the Lancaster cotton estate) in cash and a balance of £40,000 to be paid in crops to utilise the enslaved as a condition of the license to move them from the Bahamas.

  3. Will of Henry Moss banker of Liverpool proved 30/06/1848. In the will, which was clearly made in the mid-1830s, he left his 'share and proportion of the plantation[s?] in British Guiana held jointly with my brothers and in the services of the apprenticed negroes thereon or which [sic] belonged to us' in trust to his wife Hannah, brother John Moss and son Peter Cottingham Moss.


T71/887 British Guiana claim no. 2455 (Anna Regina).

  1. Graham Trust, John Moss of Otterspool (1782-1858) Railway Pioneer - Slave Owner - Banker (Milton Keynes, AuthorHouse, 2010) Appendix D pp. 229-231.

  2. ibid. p. 85; pp. 11-15.

  3. PROB 11/2076/375.

Further Information

Name in compensation records
Henry Moss
Hannah Clegg (1811)

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£40,353 18s 3d

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1826 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

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Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England