Wilbraham Egerton

1st Sep 1781 - 25th Apr 1856

Claimant or beneficiary


Wilbraham Egerton, landowner, trustee and executor for Mrs L.W. Boode in place of James Dannett.

  1. Father had been born William Tatton, son of William Tatton of Wythenshawe, and Hester, heiress of John Egerton of Tatton Park, who assumed the name of Egerton in 1780 on inheriting Tatton Park, and died in 1806. Wilbraham Egerton seems to have been named after William's second wife (of four), a daughter of Richard Wilbraham Bootle of Rode, Cheshire, MP for Chester 1761-90.

  2. Wilbraham Egerton (1781-1856) landowner, MP, JP and DL, of Tatton Park Knutsford Cheshire, left £260,000. His 4th son, Christopher Edward Egerton, (1816-1869) MP for Macclesfield 1852-68, East Cheshire 1868-9, left £120,000. 'He voted against condemning the indictment in Demerara of the Methodist missionary John Smith, 11 June, having presented a Macclesfield petition advocating it, 26 May 1824.'


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Further Information

Elizabeth Sykes
Included William Tatton Egerton, 1st Baron Egerton (1806-1883); Edward Christopher Egerton (1816-69), Charles Randle Egerton

£180000 within province (PCC) + £80000 (York PC) = £260,000

Wealth at death
Oxford (Brasenose) [1800-1803 ]
Church of England

Associated Claims (1)

£10,058 15s 4d
Awardee (Trustee)

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Railway Investment
Shropshire Union Railway and Canal [1846466]  

Cultural (1)

Prints, Drawings and Paintings
In the Victoria and Albert Museum, there are a number of designs, from a set of 94, for furniture and interiors, made in the studio of Gillow & Co., London, 1806-1831. They were made for William... 
notes →
Full details at: Gillow designs for Egerton 1, <a...

Physical (1)

Country house
Tatton Park 
description →
Country house and gardens. Much of the building of the house, collections and gardens date from Egerton's...

Political (1)

election →
Cheshire Cheshire
1812 - 1831

Relationships (1)

Executor → Testator

Addresses (1)

Tatton Park, Cheshire, North-west England, England