Charlotte Rous Brathwaite

???? - 1890

Claimant or beneficiary


Slave-owner on Barbados, of a Barbados slave-owning family, in England from at least 1881 and probably from at least 1861, leaving a substantial fortune after the re-swearing of her estate after her death unmarried in 1890. She was probably the daughter of Hon. Miles Brathwaite.

  1. Charlotte Rous Brathwaite formerly of Hastings, afterwards of 48 Gloucester Terrace but late of the Hollies Crystal Palace Park Road who died at 48 Lexham Gardens 26/08/1890 proved 01/10/1890, effects £20,797 7s 11d, resworn to £73,797 7s 11d. She was probably the Charlotte Brathwaite born Barbados aged 47 in 1861 at 29 Robert Street 'Proprietor of Railways' and the Charlotte Braithwaite in 1871 as 'Visitor' at 24 [sic] Gloucester Terrace aged 50 [sic] 'Independent', in both cases born Barbados.

  2. In 1881, she had been living as head of house at 48 Gloucester Terrace aged 72, 'Railway shares'.


  1. National Probate Calendar 1890.

  2. 1881 census online.

Further Information

Wealth at death
£73,797 7S 11D

Associated Claims (1)

£260 3s 6d

Relationships (2)

Daughter → Father
Sister → Brother

Addresses (3)

Hastings, Sussex, South-east England, England
48 Gloucester Terrace, London, Middlesex, London, England
The Hollies, Crystal Palace Park Road, Sydenham, Kent, South-east England, England