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Caroline Green Rose was born 18 July 1809 at Rose Garden in the Parish of Trelawny to John Cross Rose and Mary Gillespie Rose nee Watt. Baptised 8 May 1812 at Dromilly in the Parish of Trelawny.

John Cross Rose and Mary Gillespie Watt were married 4th February 1794 in Trelawny. They had 8 children including Caroline Green.


  1. John Lindsay Watt - 09/11/1794 Trelawny

  2. Mary Bromley - 22/05/1807 - died 24/09/1812 Trelawny- buried at Dromilly Estate

  3. Sarah Ann - 03/05/1799 Trelawny

  4. Thomas Cossley - 21/02/1798 Trelawny

  5. Urquhart Gillespie - 10/04/1795 - Trelawny - Was ordained in 1819 and was one of the principals at Jamaica College 1818 - 1825

  6. William Bromley - 10/04/1801 Trelawny.

  7. William Green - 02/05/1811 - Rose Mount Trelawny - died 15/06/1814 buried at Dromilly

  8. Caroline Green -- see above

John Cross Rose was born 27th Aug 1766 in the Parish of St Ann, Jamaica to Thomas Rose and wife Ann.


Births and deaths of Caroline Green Rose and her siblings and marriage of her parents at batch nos. I04099-9 and I03814-2.

Birth of John Cross Rose, 'Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880' at

Urquhart Gillespie Rose is in the Clergy of the Church of England Database online, person ID 121556. See [accessed 04/03/2013] for his role at Jamaica College.

We are grateful to Andrea Azan for her assistance in compiling this entry.

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