John Frederick Leach

11th Nov 1804 - 13th Mar 1843

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded the compensation for Goshen and Longhill Pen in St Elizabeth Jamaica as trustees with others including Henry Leach and Edward Leach as 'Trustees of a marriage settlement for £1500 sterling 20 Oct 1792 being one year arrears of two annuities and for future monies' and as 'surviving mortgagees and also surviving and continuing trustees of a marriage settlement for the accruing interest on and £10,000'.

  1. The marriage settlement appears to have been that of Francis George Smyth, who was the original claimant. Francis George Smyth's sister, Catherine, was baptised at Barnstaple, Devon, in 1765 (daughter of Francis George Smyth [the elder] and his first wife Frederata. Catherine had married Abraham Leach (1763-1843) of Pembrokeshire in 1793. Edward, Henry and John Frederick Leach were the sons of Abraham Leach and Catherine Smyth; Abraham Leach was Mayor of Pembroke in 1802.

  2. John Frederick, born at Corston 11/11/1804, educated at Charterhouse 1819-1823 and at Brasenose, Oxford (1823). He was admitted to the Inner Temple in 1827 and called to the bar in 1831. A Barrister, age 36, living at no. 3 Inner Temple in the census of 1841. He died unmarried at Corston 13/03/1843 aged 38, and was buried at Monkton, two weeks before his father.


T71/870 St Elizabeth no. 103.

  1. Roland Thorne M.A., 'The Leach Family of Castlemartin', The Pembrokeshire Historian No. 7 1981 pp. 29-51; batch no. P00574-1.

  2. Thorne, p. 49.

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Further Information

Charterhouse [1819-1823 ]
Oxford (Brasenose) [1824 ]
Legal Education
Inner Temple [1827-1831 ]

Associated Claims (1)

£7,616 17s 0d
Awardee (Trustee)

Relationships (5)

Nephew → Uncle
Grandson → Grandfather
Nephew → Uncle

Addresses (2)

Corston, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, South Wales, Wales
Inner Temple, City of London, Middlesex, London, England