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Military surgeon in the 35th Regiment, eldest son of David Macgibbon, an Edinburgh builder, awarded compensation for ownership of one enslaved person in Barbados probably inherited from his wife Elizabeth Macgibbon née Wickham.

  1. Letter from Penelope Wentworth Wickham, 5 Dean Hough, Edinburgh, dated 25/12/1842 describes David Moyer [sic] M[a]cgibbon as a surgeon in the 35th foot, married to the sister of Penelope Wentworth Wickham’s husband, inheriting slaves through his wife and says that both David Moyer Mcgibbon and his wife died long before compensation was paid, leaving no issue. Penelope Wentworth Wickham states that the heir is Richard S[traker] Wickham who is currently abroad.

  2. “35th Regt: Hospital-Assistant David Moyes Macgibbon to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice Barclay, promoted in the 21st” in 1825.

  3. David Moyes Macgibbon married Elizabeth Wickham in St George’s, Barbados, 22/09/1830. Therefore Elizabeth Wickham is the sister of James Wickham, who is in turn the husband of Penelope Wentworth Wickham. The parents of James, Elizabeth and Richard Straker were Richard Straker Wickham, a landed proprietor, and Mary Jane née Pinder. Mary Jane Pinder’s father was the Honorable William Pinder, owner of Hothersall (previously called Hogstye) and Ayshford plantations in Barbados, who bequeathed to her £2000 currency charged upon Hogstye Plantation on 29/09/1806.

  4. An online biography of his younger brother Charles Macgibbon (?-1867) gives David Moyes Macgibbon as a military surgeon and their father as David Macgibbon, who founded an Edinburgh building firm in the late 18th century.

  5. David Moyes Macgibbon co-authored a pamphlet on acute hepititus, published in Edinburgh in 1827.



T71/895 Barbados claim no. 57.

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  2. Edinburgh Gazette, Issue 3298, 11/01/1825 p. 1.

  3. Parents identified from the death certificate of Richard Straker Wickham, 22/03/1876: General Register Office for Scotland,Deaths 1876 685/5 252 Newington. For details of the will of William Pinder see James C. Brandow, Genealogies of Barbados families: from Caribbeana and the Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society (Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, 1983) p. 448.

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David M. M'Gibbon
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