John Waddell MD

???? - 1833


John Waddell MD of Demerara, who died c. 1833. He was either the father or more likely brother of Anne Waterton (nee Waddell) (q.v.). Of the estates shown for him in the Slave Registers only La Jalousie (where he was trustee) has yet been traced in the compensation records.

  1. An announcement for the creditors of John Waddell of Demerary 'Planter and Practitioner of Physic' was made pursuant to an order of 09/01/1834.

  2. M.D. Leyden, Oct. 30, 1786, "Theses medicae Inauguralis." Thesis at Leyden. He was shown as formerly of St Christopher and aged 22 in 1783.


David Alston shows Anne as the daughter of Dr John Waddell, but given that the latter died in 1833 and that Anne's first marriage must have taken place in the 1780s or 1790s, she might have been a sister.

  1. London Gazette 19141 28/03/1834 p. 577.

  2. R.W. Innes Smith, English-speaking students of medicine at the University of Leyden (Edinburgh/London : Oliver and Boyd, 1932), p. 240.

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