Antigua 52 (Collen's Estate)

1st May 1837 | 127 Enslaved | £1740 3s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309. The award was split: Shand received £527 2s 0d; Ledeatt received £573 0s 3d; Owens received £640 1s 8d. Interest was also allocated.


T71/877: claim by G. W. W. Ledeatt and his wife. Counterclaims from Sarah Wickham Ledeatt, a spinster, Gamble's Estate; from Christopher Owens, of the town of Cove, Cork, Ireland, acting as the executor of Jane Carr, as execution creditor and mortgagee; and from Shand, as a mortgagee for £5600 and interest. The compensation for 10 enslaved persons of £116 1s 10d was awarded on 23/11/1840 to trustees (Joseph Liggins, of Mincing Lane, and William Jenkins, of Lime Street Square) with dividends and interest to G. W. W. Ledeatt for his lifetime. The remainder went to Liggins as the administrator of John Adams Wood, a judgement creditor of Ledeatt.  


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Collen's Estate

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