William Jenkins

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London merchant, former partner of Gilbert Mathison (q.v.) (the firm stopped payment in 1823) and active in a number of awards on Antigua as agent and trustee, but not apparently himself a slave-owner. Identified as William Jenkins of 1 Lime Street Square, London, representative of John Bradshaw (q.v.) and William McNish (q.v.) in a cluster of claims, and almost certainly the same man appearing as awardee in various capacities for Antigua nos. 261 (Watson's), 401 (Rendezvous Bay) and 625; he was possibly also the same man as the trustee under Montserrat no.166. In addition, he was party to the indenture barring the entail of Justinian Vernon on Vernon's estate in Antigua in 1836, by which time the 'first estate of freehold' was vested in him.


T71/877 Antigua claim nos. 52, 486, 487 and 968. T71/1593 p.209: letter to John Bradshaw, dated 09/06/1836, c/o W. Jenkins, of 1 Lime St. Sq., referring to the timing on the contested claims

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£1,452 17s 5d
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£2,734 7s 3d
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£1,740 3s 11d
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Mathison, Jenkins & Co. of Lime Street stopped payment in...

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1 Lime Street Square, London, Middlesex, London, England