Trinidad 1090 (Prospect)

20th Jun 1836 | 174 Enslaved | £8685 3s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 164.

T71/893: claim from George Armstrong, owner in fee, by Archibald Armstrong and John Hoyes his assignees.

1090A for 62 enslaved persons awarded to George Armstrong (£8685 3s 5d) under power of attorney from assignees; 1090B for 114 enslaved persons shows 'transfer to Archibald Armstrong and John Hoyes'.

T71/1611: letter from John Irving Bristol dated 2/2/1836 seeking details of George Armstrong's Mt Pleasant estate.

‘Slaves in the colonies’, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1826-7 (111) (146) p. 33: George Armstrong registered 65+95 'sugar slaves' and 3 'personal slaves' in 1826, also interested in sugar estate in Grenada, 'of the number of slaves employed therein he is ignorant'.

T71/519 pp. 2358-2363: George Armstrong registered 180 enslaved persons in 1834.

T71/1593: Court of Chancery letter to Philip & Geo. Protheroe of Bristol dated 24/2/1836 suspending [?] 'contested' status.

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Kinnear, Geo of Ellis, Kinnear, Forsyth

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