Cape Clear Pen

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- 1817 [EY] → Joint owner
1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

It is possible that the Peter Digges La Touche of 1817 and of 1834 were different men.

1817 [EA] - → Joint owner
1820 [EA] - → Attorney
1820 [EA] - → Joint owner
1826 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Attorney
1834 [EA] - → Joint owner

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£3,729 2S 11D

Estate Information (14)

What is this?

[Name] Cape Clear Pen  
[Crop] Livestock  

Account filed by James Jorden as overseer.

Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives 1B/11/4/7 167
[Name] Cape Clear Penn  
[Crop] Steers,mules, cows, sheep, pasturage, horses, jobbing  

James Jardine - no other information given.

Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives 1B/11/4/23
[Name] Cape Clear  
[Crop] sugar, rum, cattle  

Account filed by John Mckelly overseer.

Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives 1B/11/4/25 7
[Name] Cape Clear Penn  
[Crop] hire of enslaved people and stock  

Account of provisions supplied to the Koningsberg Estate filed by John French Killikelly for the period 01/01/1799 to 31/12/1799.

Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives 1B/11/4/26 6
[Name] Cape Clear Penn  
[Crop] jobbing, pasturage  

Account filed by John Killikelly as overseer.

Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives 1B/11/4/27 176
[Name] Cape Clear Penn  
[Crop] Coffee, jobbing, wainage, stock  

Account filed by John P.(?) Killikelly as overseer.

Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives 1B/11/4/29 200
[Name] Cape Clear Penn  
[Crop] jobbing  

Account filed by John F Killikilly.

Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives 1B/11/4/31 103
[Name] Cape Clear Pen  
[Crop] Jobbing  

Account presented by John French Killikelly.

Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives 1B/11/4/37 214
[Number of enslaved people] 189(Tot) 86(F) 103(M)  
[Name] Cape Clear Pen  

Patrick Lynch as joint owner with James Digges La Touche and Peter Digges La Touche.

T 71/33 790-795
[Number of enslaved people] 196(Tot) 87(F) 109(M)  
[Name] Cape Clear Pen  

James T B Watt, attorney to Mrs Amy Anne Lynch, James D La Touch and Peter Digges La Touch.

T 71/34 248-249
[Number of enslaved people] 199(Tot) 87(F) 112(M)  
[Name] [no name given]  

James McDonald, attorney to Messrs Lynch and Latouche.

T 71/35 26-27
[Number of enslaved people] 201(Tot) 92(F) 109(M)  
[Name] Cape Clear  

James Macdonald and Honble James Laing, attornies to Lynch and Latouche.

T 71/36 289-290
[Number of enslaved people] 200(Tot) 98(F) 102(M)  
[Name] Cape Clear Pen  

James Macdonald, attorney to Messrs Lynch and Latouche.

T 71/38 [unpaginated]
[Number of enslaved people] 206(Tot)  
[Name] Cape Clear Pen  

James MacDonald, attorney for Cape Clear Pen.

T 71/42 83