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There were two Peter Digges La Touches in the Dublin banking family in the early 19th century. The first, a founding subscriber to the Bank of Ireland c. 1783, was the son of James Digges La Touche (1709-1763) and younger brother of William George Digges La Touche (1747-1803). A third brother (now known by LBS to have been John James Digges La Touche) reportedly went to Jamaica and died there; his property, including enslaved people, passing to his brothers. This Peter Digges La Touche (who was born c. 1753) died in 1820. It is likely that he was the Peter Digges La Touche shown as co-owner of Koningsberg Castle and Cape Clear in St Mary Jamaica in the 1810s, with his nephew James Digges La Touche (1788-1827, q.v.). A second Peter Digges La Touche (c. 1790-c. 1869) was a partner in La Touche & Co. (acquired by the Munster Bank in 1871). This man would have been young, but not impossibly so, to have been co-owner in the 1810s: he was probably the awardee of slave compensation in the 1830s. Cape Clear and Koningsberg Castle in St Mary Jamaica are shown against 'Lynch and Latouche' in the Jamaica Almanacs between 1815 and 1833. Mary Digges Latouche (q.v.) was also awarded compensation for eight enslaved people on Koningsgberg Castle.

  1. An unsourced genealogical website gives Lynch and Latouche, the co-owners of Cape Clear and Koenigsberg Castle, as a West India merchant firm of Dublin, a partnership between Robert Latouche and Patrick Marcus Lynch. LBS has found nothing to substantiate this. The co-owners (Patrick Lynch, James Digges La Touche and Peter Digges La Touche) in the 1810s appear to have been the heirs of John James Digges La Touche..


Mrs A. M. Fraser, 'David Digues La Touche, banker, and a few of his descendants', Dublin Historical Record, 5 (2) (December, 1942), pp. 55-68; Jamaica Almanacs 1815, 1824, and 1833 Scots Magazine Vols. 85-86 (March 1820) p. 295 shows the death of Peter Digges La Touche at Dublin in an apoplectic fit March 5 1820.

  1. [accessed 16/02/2013].

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Peter Digges Latouche

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£3,729 2s 11d
£3,086 17s 6d

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1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

It is possible that the Peter Digges La Touche of 1817 and of 1834 were different men.

1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

It is possible that the Peter Digges La Touche of 1817 and of 1834 were different men.

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Belfield [Purchased] 
description →
Suburban estate outside Dublin that became the site of University College Dublin. Finola O'Kane Crimmins has posited that the Belfield estate was named by Peter Digges LaTouche after the Belfield...

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Other relatives
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Either brothers or nephew and uncle. The estates owned by John James Digges La Touche passed to Peter Digges La Touche and others....
Other relatives
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Either brothers or father and son...
Other relatives
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Either nephew and uncle or...

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Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland