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Alleged to have been owned by the late John Lindsay of Dublin in a letter to the Commissioners from George Greer (q.v.) in 1835.


Not yet traced in the compensation records

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[Number of enslaved people] 43(Tot)  
[Name] Auzouville [sic]  
[Crop] Sugar  

Gabriel Debreny owner

T71/501 623-625
[Number of enslaved people] 38(Tot)  
[Name] Auzonville  
[Crop] Sugar  

F Decreny, for the widow Decreny and her children, owners.

T 71/508 180 verso - 180A
[Number of enslaved people] 42(Tot)  
[Name] Auzonville  
[Crop] Sugar  

Anne, Widow De Creny, for herself and her children, owners [increase by births].

T 71/511 180 v - 181
[Number of enslaved people] 42(Tot)  
[Name] Auzonville  
[Crop] Sugar  

Ferdinand De Creny, heir, for himself, Widow De Creny and the heirs of the late Gabriel De Creny, owners [increase by births].

T 71/513 178 v
[Number of enslaved people] 34(Tot)  
[Name] Auzouville [sic]  
[Crop] Sugar  

Owned by Leonard Sorzano, late the property of widow and heirs of Gabriel de Bremy

T71/515 f.1854