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The late John Lindsay of Dublin was said by George Greer (q.v.) in a letter in 1835 to the Commissioners of Compensation to have been the owner of Auzonville, possession of the enslaved people on which (he alleged) had been taken by Robert Neilson and John Wilson of Trinidad. George Greer was the brother-in-law of John Lindsay of Dublin. No further detail of John Lindsay has yet been traced.


T71/1610 letter 24/08/1835 from Geo. Greer, Lurgan Ireland: Auzonville estate of late John Lindsay of Dublin, John Lindsay had granted a power of attorney to Robt Neilson of Trinidad, now Mr Neilson and Mr John Wilson, (partner of his) 'has gotten possession of these slaves.' T71/1592 letter from Commissioners of Compensation to George Greer to say that they had no record of any claims on Auzonville, Trinidad.

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Alleged to have been owned by the late John Lindsay of Dublin in a letter to the Commissioners from George Greer (q.v.) in 1835.

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Dublin, Ireland