Rev. Alexander Campbell

1778 - 8th Dec 1858

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Rev Alexander Campbell of Kingston married Ann Mitchell MackGlashan of St Andrew 10/10/1809. She was the daughter of Charles MackGlashan senior (q.v.). Mullet Hall may well have been known at this time as "Mount Prospect", where it seems to have been located. They were married by Alexander's father Rev John Campbell who also baptised many mainly female enslaved people in St Andrew under the surname MackGlashan. Rev Alexander Campbell became rector of Kingston in 1806 and suceeded his father to become rector of St Andrew in 1813.

  2. Duncan Houstoun Campbell, son of the Rev. Alexander Campbell, Rector of St Andrew, and of Anne Mitchell his wife, born 20/10/1820 and baptised in St Andrew 12/03/1821. Two daughters were also born to this couple: Anne Louisa (1820) and Christiana Ella (1828).

  3. Alexander Campbell died 08/12/1858 was buried in St Andrew, Jamaica.

  4. According to Scots in the West Indies he was born in Criech, Scotland, 12/04/1778, educated at Edinburgh and Glasgow universities. Became minister in Jamaica 1803, settled in St Andrew and died 08/12/1858.

  5. "Alexander Campbell graduated MA from the University of Glasgow in 1798. He was born in Sutherland, son of the Reverend John Campbell, who served the St Andrew Parish Church, Jamaica from 1782. Alexander succeeded his father as Rector of St Andrew parish, where he served for 45 years, living with his family in the same church rectory where he grew up, and which is now a national heritage site in Jamaica, Devon Mansion."


  1., Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online]; Royal Gazette of Jamaica 18/12/1813; Fulham Papers at Lambeth Palace Library Vol. XVIII 145 summary states, "John Campbell to Bishop Porteus, St. Andrew's, Mar. 30, 1806. He also apologizes for the omission though stating that Warren is the clergyman directly responsible. Campbell's son has been appointed rector of Kingston." The earliest mention of Mullet Hall in Alexander Campbell's parish register is 1823 and around the same time Mount Prospect ceases to be mentioned.

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Further Information

Ann Mitchell MackGlashan
Anne Louisa (1820-), Duncan Houstoun (1821-), Christiana Ella (1828-)
University of Glasgow [1798 ]
Church of England

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£3,309 7s 2d

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Husband → Wife
Son → Father
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