Charles Mackglashan senior

1760 - 27th Jan 1834


One of two Charles Mackglashans appearing in Jamaica, for example as executors of the will of James Waddell senior (q.v.) made and attested in 1825, in which the two men appear as 'Charles Mac Glashan the elder of St Andrew' and Charles Mac Glashan the younger of the City an parish of Kingston, practitioners in Physick and Surgery.'

  1. Charles Mackglashan, formerly a surgeon in the Royal Navy, has a monumental inscription in St Andrews Jamaica giving his date of death as 27/01/1834 aged 74. If the death-date is correct, the Charles Mackglashan of the compensation awards cannot be the same man, but must be the Charles Mackglashan jun. appearing in the mid-1820s.

  2. Tentatively identified as the Charles Mackglashan, son of Alexander Mackglashan and Miss Betty MacIntosh, baptised 28/05/1760 in Dunkeld, Scotland.

  3. Children Ann Mitchell (born 1790 and baptised 1791), Charles and Petronella (twins, born and baptised 1792) and John Patrick (born and baptised 1793), all in St Andrew, with his wife Anne. Given his first daughter's middle name it seems likely that his wife's maiden name was Anne. Charles and Petronella were baptised on the same day as Charles Mitchell and Kitty Mitchell, enslaved people belonging to Charles Mitchell Esquire. Petronella was not mentioned in his will so presumably had died by 1834.



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Further Information

Charles, Petronella, John, Ann

PROB 11/1848/84 - precis.

Charles Mac Glashan of St Andrew [Jamaica] Esquire.

To my eldest son Charles, £8500 Jamaican currency to be paid out of the monies belonging to me in his hands and secured by his individual bonds and the bonds of himself and his copartner Dr John Miller.

My plantations called Mullett Hall, Killicrankie and Mount Prospect together with the slaves thereto belonging or the compensation to be paid by the British Government in lieu of such slaves (which plantations + slaves I estimate together at the sum of £7,000 Jamaican currency after paying thereout to the REv. Alexander Campbell the balance of the purchase money of certain slaves purchased from the estate of [blank] Thomson deceased and placed upon the said plantations called Mullett Hall for which balance he holds my note + which note I hereby direct to be paid out of the proceeds of the said plantation + slaves in the manner in the said note mentioned) and also the monies belonging to me in the British funds to the extent of £10,000 Jamaica currency, together making the sum of £17,000 Jamaica currency as follows:

One moiety of such plantatioin, slave, monies and effects to my said daughter Ann, wife of Rev. Alexander Campbell. The other moiety to my executors to hold to such uese and for such intents and purposes and applied in such manner as my son John shall by any deed or by his last will and testament shall limit and appoint, and in default for the benefit of my said son John.

To my daughter Ann my silver teapot and bell. To my son Charles all my silver spoons and the three silver waiters marked with his initials "JM". To Eliza Jane, wife of my son John, my phaeton and pair of ponies.

My executors shall out of any surplus monies belonging to my estate pay to m daughter Ann £3,000 Jamaica currency to place her on a footing with my said two sons for whom respectively I have advanced the same sum of money or thereabouts. If the surplus shall proved deficiant then such deficiency shall be made good out of the specific bequests hereinbefore made to my said three children which shall for that purpose abate in equal proportions.

All rest, residue and remainder to my three children equally.

I wish William Saunders and Anna Edwards to remain in the service of my son John.

My two sons and my son-in-law Rev Alexander Campbell to be executors.

Signed 26/06/1834.

Proved at London 16/06/1835.

Physician and planter

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