Hugh Bogle

???? - 1834


Hugh Bogle of Calderbank, Scotland, and Jamaica, scion of a Glasgow-based family of West India merchants and slave-owners, and partner in Robert Bogle & Co. His son George Bogle (q.v.) claimed compensation for ownership of enslaved persons in St Thomas-in-the-East as his heir. Hugh Bogle had been of Kingston Jamaica at the time of his marriage in 1799 in Glasgow to his first cousin Agnes Bogle, son of Michael Bogle.

  1. Hugh Bogle was the son of Archibald Bogle and his wife Janet Cathcart, therefore the brother of Robert Bogle of Gilmorehill and uncle of Archibald Bogle of Gilmorehill (q.v.).

  2. Hugh Bogle, Esqr, of Kingston, Jamaica, married Agnes Bogle, the daughter of the late Mr. Michael Bogle, merchant of Glasgow, in Glasgow on 17/12/1799.

  3. Hugh inherited a quarter share of the residuary estate of his brother George in 1813 and with it a quarter ownership of Dunkley's estate in Vere, Jamaica.

  4. Will of Hugh Bogle merchant of Calderbank in Glasgow proved 22/11/1836. Under the will he left his property including enslaved people in Jamaica and his share in Robert Bogle and Co. in trust, to secure an annuity of £900 p.a. to his wife over and above the £300 p.a. settled on her under their marriage settlement and £10,000 each to his daughters Janet Cathcart and Helen Bogle. His residuary legatee was his son George Bogle.


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Further Information

Agnes Bogle
Janet, Helen, George (1810-)
West India merchant

Associated Claims (1)

£396 7s 8d
Previous owner (not making a claim)

Associated Estates (3)

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1813 [SY] - 1820 [LA] → Joint owner
1832 [EA] - → Not known

Possibly mortgagee-in-possession but not stated in the slave register.

1817 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Other

Drysdale held the life rental from Hugh Bogle for a group of the enslaved people on the estate.

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Robert Bogle and Co.
West India merchant  

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Brother → Sister
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Calderbank, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland