Roundell Palmer, 1st Earl of Selborne

27th Nov 1812 - 4th May 1895

Immediate descendant of a claimant or beneficiary


Second son of William Jocelyn Palmer (1778–1853) [q.v.].

Lord Chancellor (1872-1874; 1880-1885).

Created first earl of Selborne 1872.

Politically, Peelite, Gladstonian and then Liberal Unionist.

The Palmer family were landowners and also East India merchants in the City.

Roundell's uncle was George Palmer (1772–1853), philanthropist and Tory MP; William Palmer (1802–1858), the legal writer, was his cousin.

Son of William Jocelyn Palmer (see Grenada No. 455).


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Laura (d. 1885; 2nd daughter of 8th Earl Waldegrave)
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Prints, Drawings & Paintings
Photograph (by anon.) of Sir Roundell Palmer, 1st Earl of Selborne... 
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V & A: Furniture and Woodwork
Two chairs, of different designs, both designed by Alfred Waterhouse for Blackmoor House, Hampshire, the house of Sir Roundell Palmer (1812-1895), created Earl of Selbourne in 1882. The furniture was... 
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V & A: Furniture and Woodwork
Hanging corner cupboard, designed by Alfred Waterhouse and made (probably) by James Capel, Great Titchfield Street, London. Designed for Blackmoor House, Hampshire. Made sometime between 1871 and... 
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Historical (1)

Memorials. Part I. Family and Personal. 1766-1865; Part II: Personal and Political,... 1896-1898 

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Country house
Blackmoor House [Built] 
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Built between 1865 and 1882 to the designs of Alfred Waterhouse. For further details see Hampshire Garden Trust - Blackmoor...

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Blackmoor House, Hampshire, Wessex, England