William Shiell of Homebush

1823 - 8th Dec 1899


Natural son of William Shiell and Mary McNamara (both of whom q.v.).

  1. Merchant mariner in the Caribbean from the mid-1840s. Arrived in London as a mariner on the Callender 20/06/1853; granted his Mariners Registration Certificate in London and passed the examination to gain a Masters Cerificate, 30/07/1853. Left London shortly after as 2nd mate on board the Gazelle and arrived in Victoria, Australia, 23/12/1853. "William never returned to sea but continued prospecting and mining and later acquired 20 acres of land at Homebush, near Avoca and with Hannah raised a family of 2 girls and 7 boys. William spoke little about his past life although it is said that he claimed that his forebears had been privateers. If he ever discussed his own past with his children, no clear recollections of sea-faring or island life passed down to his 38 grandchildren..."

  2. Died in Homebush, age 77, 08/12/1899; buried in Avoca Cemetery.


For information on the Shiell family see publications by Dorothy Anderson and Richard Shiell, including Montserrat to Melbourne: the story of the Shiell family (South Yarra, Victoria,1984), from where the portrait is taken.

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We are grateful to Jennifer Baker and Richard Shiell for their assistance in compiling this entry.

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Hannah Burkinshaw
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Emigrated to Australia in the 1850s. Died in Homebush, Victoria, 1899. He now has over 300 descendants in...

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