Robert Wynne of St Vincent

???? - 1795


Original purchaser of Barbados Bay division (St George parish) Tobago Lots nos. 10 and 17 which became Greenhill estate, and one of the Commissioners for the sale of land in the ceded islands, and almost certainly the owner of Mount Wynne on St Vincent until his death in England c. 1795. He was again almost certainly the Robert Wynne who was original purchaser of St Andrews Lots nos. 115 (300 acres) and 121 (200 acres) on Dominica. In 1790, when he swore an affidavit as the only surviving Commissioner concerning land sales in St Vincent and Grenada (the affidavit concerned whether the commitment to sell land three chains into the sea for the coastal lots was subject to public use or the King's use, and the status of unallocated land between lots sold), he was given as of Barnes Terrace.

  1. Will of Robert Wynne of Barnes Surrey proved 26/02/1795. In the will, he described himself as 'of the Island of St Vincent but now residing at Barnes in the county of Surrey.' He left annuities of £50 and £75 to his two sisters Elizabeth Wynne and Mary Larken [sp?] widow, and a further £50 p.a. to his sister Catherine wife of Mr Francis Palmer to be paid to her for 'her sole and separate use notwithstanding her coverture'. He left a larger annuity of £400 p.a. to Mary Turner, daughter of Dr John Turner deceased of Hayes Middlesex, together with a lump sum of £300 and her choice from his plate, furniture etc up to a value of £100. He left to Harriet Shepherd niece of Mary Turner an annuity of £25. On both these latter he placed a bar on their selling or mortgaging the annuity, on pain of it ceasing. He left his first cousin John Nicholl now in the Island of St Vincent £100 p.a. Separately he left £100 to his cousin John Nicholl (apparently a different man) of Old Fish Street, City of London, and £20 each to this John Nicholl's sons John and Thomas. Other legacies included £300 apiece to his cousins Anna Maria Nicholl and Elizabeth Nicholl. He charged these annuities on his [unnamed] estates and enslaved people in St Vincent, which and whom he left in trust to his cousin Richard Nicholl of Staples [?] in Middlesex and Robert Lang of Ely Place London, with Richard Nicholl as the residuary heir. A codicil dated 21/08/1793 shows Wynne as of Ealing: it increased the annuity to Harriet Turner to £50 p.a. and provided £50 p.a. to 'Richard Wynne a mulatto now living as servant with Anthony Munton now or late naval officer at the Island of Antigua.'

  2. Robert Wynne, presumably the same man, was a signatory of the address to George III on the peace with the American colonies from 'the planters of HM's West India islands residing in Great Britain, and of the merchants trading to the said islands' of March 1783.


The Maritime Heritage Project, affidavit of Robert Wynne sworn 20/10/1790 before William Pickett Mayor, recorded and examined 07/06/1791, sourced to Colonial Gazette 28/09/1844 [accessed 24/11/2015]; John Byres, References to a plan of the island of Dominica as surveyed from the year 1765 and 1773 (London, 1777) (which shows Lot no. 115 in the hands of 'Warner' as 'present proprietor' by c. 1773).

  1. PROB 11/1256/175.

  2. London Gazette 12422 11/03/1783 p.2.

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23/05/1776 [SD] - → Other

Robert Wynne purchased the equity of redemption in Bagatelle for £2100 currency 23/05/1776 and sold it in 1777 to John Bradshaw for £1750 sterling

20/05/1765 [SD] - → Owner
- 1795 [EY] → Owner

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Richard Nicholl, John's brother, described Robert Wynne as his cousin in his will....
Testator → Legatee
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Nicholl described Robert Wynne as his cousin in his will....
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Barnes Terrace, Barnes, Surrey, London, England