George Atkinson 1764-1814

1764 - 1814


Island Secretary of Jamaica, leaving £140,000 at death, father of George Atkinson (1795-1849, q.v.).

  1. Rubinstein shows George Atkinson (1764-1814) as 'Island Secretary for Jamaica and ADC to Lord Balcarres when Governor', then Agent-General for Jamaica in London, 'formerly of Kingston Jamaica, then Newcastle-upon-Tyne, also of Morland Hall, Penrith, Westmorland and of Lee in Kent, marrying 1794 Susan Mackenzie Dunkley (d. Feb 1830) of Clarendon Jamaica; son of George Atkinson (1730-1781 Receiver-General for Cumberland and Westmorland). David Geggus says 'The Island Secretary and Agent-General George Atkinson was to decline the post of Agent-General for the Saint-Domingue expedition, as he thought Martinique would be a richer plum.'

  2. Will of George Atkinson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne proved 31/01/1815. It it, he left an annuity of £1,500 to his wife Susanna Mackenzie Atkinson as well as ratifying his marriage settlement. All his real and personal estate in trust for the benefit of his children equally.


  1. William D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? A biographical dictionary of British wealth-holders Volume One 1809-1839 (London, Social Affairs Unit, 2009) reference 1815/1. David Geggus, 'Jamaica and the Saint Domingue Slave Revolt 1791-1793', The Americas, Vol. 38, No. 2 (Oct. 1981), pp. 219-233 (sourced in footnote 37 to CO 137/50 Atkinson to Nepean 20th October 1793).

  2. PROB 11/1564/476.

Further Information

Susan Mackenzie Dunkley
George (1795-1849)

PROB 11/1564/476 - precis.

George Atkinson late of Kingston Jamaica but now of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Esquire.

Confirmation of marriage settlement with Susanna Mackenzie Atkinson formerly Susanna Mackenzie Dunkley.

To Nathaniel Clayton of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, my brother Matthew Atkinson late of Kingston but now of Newcastle and Nathaniel Clayton the younger and George Atkinson my eldest son or my eldest son living at the time of my death, all my plantations in Jamaica and all my lands and tenements in Britain and all my personal estate upon trust for the purposes herein mentioned.

To Susanna Mackenzie Atkinson, my wife, an annuity of £1,500 sterling in addition to the provision made in my marriage settlement but in bar of all dower.

To Nurse Lowthian of Temple Sowerby in Westmoreland an annuity of 12 guineas per annum for life.

My trustees to convey the remaining profits of the trust to my children equally as tenants in common. If none of my children reach the age of 21 years or (for daughters) marriage, then the rents, profits and dividends to my mother Bridget Atkinson of Temple Sowerby, widow, and after her decease upon trust, the rents and profits to my sisters Dorothy Clayton, wife of Nathaniel Clayton, and Jane Atkinson of Temple Sowerby spinster and my brother Matthew Atkinson equally as tenants in common. After their decease to the children of my brother and sisters Dorothy Clayton, Jane Atkinson and my sister Bridget Tulip. During the minority of any children my trustees to apply the profits to the maintenance, education, pocket money and clothing of the said children, the surplus to be placed at interest.

Susanna Mackenzie Atkinson, so long as she remain unmarried, Nathaniel Clayton and Nathaniel Clayton the younger to be guardians of my children during their minorities.

Nathaniel Clayton, Matthew Atkinson and Nathaniel Clayton the younger to be executors.

Signed 30/11/1808.

I hereby nominate my son George Atkinson as my successor in the commercial house in which I am entered in copartnership in Jamaica in conformity with the clause in our agreement empowering me to appoint one of my family to succeed me therein.

To my wife Susan Atkinson all my books and furniture to be disposed of by her amongst our chidlren as she may think expedient and proper. Signed April 1814.

Sworn in Newcastle 13/01/1815.

Proved in London 31/01/1815 by Nathaniel Clayton, Matthew Atkinson and Nathaniel Clayton the younger.

Wealth at death
Merchant and planter

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Atkinson, Mure & Bogle
West India merchant  

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Nathaniel Clayton was also an executor of George Atkinson (1764-1814) whose sister Dorothy he had...
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Robert Robertson married Bridget, the daughter of his former partner George Atkinson of Temple Sowerby, in 1816. Robert Robertson was presumably a generation older than his...
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Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, Northern England, England