Alexander McWilliam

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Attorney on Mammee Gully Pen in Clarendon, Jamaica, in 1832.

  1. William Hoyes McWilliam, son of Alexander McWilliam and his wife Frances Pemberton McWilliam, "white", of Kellet's, was baptised in Clarendon 21/06/1831.

  2. The will of Alexander McWilliam, planter of Clarendon, was written in 1832 and proved in 1835. The main beneficiaries were his four children.


T71/64 p. 259.

  1., Jamaica, Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online].

  2. PROB 11/1847/54.

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Further Information

Frances Pemberton [surname unknown]
Helen Francis, Anna Eliza, James Fitzherbert, William Hoyes

PROB 11/1847/54 - precis.

Alexander MacWilliam planter, residing on Kellets Estate, Clarendon, Jamaica.

First, payment of funeral expenses and debts, the latter not amounting to £20.

To my beloved sisters Catherine and Helen, £15 sterling each and to my dear mother £15 to purchase some remembrance of an affectionate son and brother who regrets his inability to make provision for them.

To my reputed natural daughter Kate, born in Grenada but at present in Jamaica, £60 Jamaican currency.

To my female slave Maury and her daughter of Harriet Pearson their full freedom from slavery and bondage for ever in consequence of the faithful attendance of the former to my dear children from infancy up to this time.

My brother James McWilliam now in Jamaica, my brother George McWilliam in Scotland and my uncle James Chalmers in London to be executors to whom I give in trust for my dear children Helen Francis, Anna Eliza, James Fitzherbert and William Hoyes all monies due to me, all stock in funds, estate and effects of what nature of kind soever to be invested in government securities or otherwise as my executors shall deem most advisable as a fund for maintaining and educating them. The interest to be applied annually at the direction of my said executors until my son James Fitzherbert shall reach age 16 years when I direct that £400 sterling shall be withdrawn from the general fund and applied as may appear best to complete his education or advance his future prospects in life. The same for my second son William Hoyes the same at age 16. On each of the said sums being withdrawn, the party for whose benefit the same is withdrawn shall forthwith cease to have any interest in or claim on the general fund which shall remain as a fund for the maintenance of my two daughters. On marriage the principal sum to be equally divided between them. Should one son die before age 16 then the other to have £600 rather than £400.

Signed 23/10/1832.

Memorandum. Set of accounts showing a balance of £1754 in the 3 1/2 % consols drawn by T. Hankey for me; £3744 in the names of John Hoyes and Alexander McWilliam in the 3% consols, one half the property of Wm H. Fairburn and the other mine in right of my late dear wife; £689 due me in Grenada collecting by Dr Thomas Spence and due me by Dr Spalding Kingston; £82 as a Receiver General's certificate; £688 due by William Shand exclusive of this years salaries.

Proved at London 05/05/1835 by James Chalmers.

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1832 [EA] - → Attorney

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