Mary Reid of Henley Hall

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Mary Reid, sister of George Reid senior (q.v.) of Jamaica and aunt of George Reid junior, Ann Capper and Mary Reid of Wherstead (each of whom q.v.). Owner of some of the enslaved people on Bunkers Hill, according to George Reid junior's widow, Louisa Reid, and to her own will. She appears to have died before 1832, although her will was proved in 1835.

  1. The will of Mary Reid spinster of Henley Hall, Henley Suffolk was proved 17/03/1835 but had been made in 1827. In the will she freed the 'mulatto woman' Jane Watson, on Bunkers Hill estate, and left her an annuity of £10 p.a. for life. She left £100 to each of her nieces Mary Reid and Ann Capper. The rest of her estate she placed in the hands of Edward Oakeley of Mincing Lane and William Oakeley of Litchfield as trustees. The income was to go in the first instance to Louisa, wife of her deceased nephew George Reid (q.v., under George Reid junior) and then to her daughters. The executor was Rev. George Capper, and one of the witnesses was Elizabeth Lydia Reid.


  1. PROB 11/1844/360. A 'Mrs Reid' also claimed under Trelawny No. 531 for enslaved people hired out to Bunkers Hill that belonged to Mary Reid, 'Aunt to my husband'. It is clear that this was Louisa Reid, widow of George Reid junior (q.v.) rather than the widow of George Reid sen. (i.e. Elizabeth Lydia Reid, q.v.). T71/1608 letter from Mrs Reid (widow of the late Geo Reid) of St Margaret Terrace Rochester Kent 29/01/[1835] asking what steps she should take to claim compensation for slaves left to her by Mrs Mary Reid (Aunt, to her Husband) who received £130 a year from him, for the hire of the above slaves which same, Mrs Reid, as his representative, received from Bunker Hill estate: 'If Mrs Reid is not acting according to the forms, in applying herself, she begs to be informed , who she is to employ.'

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£2,793 18s 4d
Other association
£754 4s 3d
Beneficiary deceased (Owner-in-fee)

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1817 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Joint owner

Owner of a group of some three dozen people attached to Bunkers Hill, an estate which belonged to her nephew George Reid jun., until her death before 1832.

1832 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Previous owner

Shown as deceased in 1832.

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Aunt → Niece
Aunt → Niece

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Henley Hall, Henley, Suffolk, East Anglia, England