Dorothy Price then Bromley (née Pennistone)

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Dorothy Pennistone married Francis Price, the owner of Worthy Park. He died suddenly in September 1692 but not before he had attempted to make sure she was supported in the future. To do this he tried to circumvent his mother's will that stated that should he die without a legal heir the property would revert to his brothers. He sold 500 acres at Lluidas to John Goffe who then sold it to Dorothy Price. She remarried shortly after the death of Francis Price to Samuel Bromley. The couple also owned the Bromley and Pennistone lands in the Murmuring Brook valley. On 10 November 1697 they sold the land back to Charles Price for £775.


Michael Craton and James Walvin, A Jamaican Plantation: The History of Worthy Park 1670-1970 (London: W. H. Allen, 1970), pp.47-8.

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Maiden Name
1. Francis Price 2. Samuel Bromley

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1697 [SY] - 1701 [EY] → Owner

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